Update at 09/11/2020

July 2020: Comet Neowise (C/2020 F3)
8 images from different Places near Harpoint-Observatory.

Update at 12/24/2015

DIY telescope from Erich Kowald is ready for installation
The 50cm Cassegrain for Posiberg-Observatory in Styria is virtually a twin of our own telescope here in Harpoint or the 50cm Cassegrain of Kepler-observatory in Linz. The ancient telescope control by Manfred Stoll is used also in all 3 telescopes. An adoption of our Sortware supplements from Harpoint is planned. Both, the fork mount (ÖPFM) and the telescope tube, corresponds to the construction of Rudolf Pressberger. The design drawings of Pressberger had to be only slightly adapted to the different data of the optics. They were digitized by Erich Kowald complete with Autocad. Here we show pictures of the last test setup in the workshop before the telescope moves to the Observatory-dome.

Update at 08/20.2014

08.08.2014: comet Jacques C/2014 E2
The exact recording dates are visible when dialing the image on the galery pages.

New to the ongoing Pressberger-type telescope construction projects in Austria

Update at 15. Jun. 2014

29.03.2014: The Sun with Ha telescope

Update at 10. Apr. 2014

Now available for our friends in the USA without translation software. Deserves special mention our series of articles from the construction of the great telescope according to plans by Rudolf Pressberger. This brilliant designer is still largely unknown in the English-speaking regions. The first two articles of the series are now available in pdf format.

30.03.2014: Variation in the Supernova2014J

29.03.2014: The sun in the light of H-alpha spectral line
The exact recording dates are visible when dialing the image on the gallery page.

01.02.2014: M82 with Supernova 2014J
The exact recording dates are visible when dialing the image on the gallery page.

14.12.2013: Geminides
2 pictures of bright Geminids, taken with a fixed camera and wide-angle lens

10.04.2013: Comet Panstarrs C/2011 L4
taken on the Sofienalpe in Vienna with standard zoom lens on my little Nexstar mount

Update at 01. Jan. 2014

31. Dec. 2013: Comet Lovejoy C/2013 R1
We complete our picture of the 28/11/2013 with a tele lens photo. It shows the tail of the comet in its full length.

Update at 19. Dec. 2013

28. Nov. 2013: Comet Lovejoy C/2013 R1
This relatively bright comet gives us once again the opportunity to make visible the activities in the comet's head with 4m focal length. This time, the DSLR camera was used

new pictures of 2012 in the gallery
ngc891, ngc925, m74 Details about the pictures quickly made with the DSLR camera you find out in the gallery pages

Update at 25. Apr. 2012

A new Gallery: Open Star Cluster
All Images taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk2


Update at 03. Apr. 2012

24. Mar. 2012: Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd
One of our first Images, taken with C14+Hyperstar. More Infos avaliable at our Gallery-Page.

21. Mar. 2012: Image of Mars in Vienna
More Infos avaliable at our Gallery-Page.

a new entrance to our Telescope
Some other new Images of Harpoint Observatory and the sky above you can find here.

Update at 03. Feb. 2012

13.Nov.2011: rotation of Jupiter observed in vienna
The exquisite image processing was made with Winjupos.

Update at 14. Nov. 2011

new images in our gallery
m51 with Supernovae 2011dh, m101 with Supernovae 2011fe, totaly moon eclipse, partial moon eclipse

Update at 21. Jan. 2010

new images in our gallery
m10, m12, m14, abell2589 + ngc7647, m33, ngc660, ngc4088 + SN2009dd, ngc7647 + SN2009hi, ngc7753, ngc7769..71, ngc6781, ngc1015 + SN2009ig, ngc6822, ngc7331, ngc891, ugc12613, comet Lulin, meteor (Perseide), 4 bright Planetary, ISS with high image resolution

14.11.2009: minor planet 278 (Paulina) occults star HIP 22446
nearby the star you can see the minor planet 5min before the event here
details of imaging you can read at gallery-pages, observer report (in german) here

03.04.2009: Saturn observed in vienna
Images taken from Michael Grünanger and Andreas Kreutzer with the old 12" Alvan-Clark refraktor telescope at vienna university
details of imaging you can read at gallery-pages
look the dance of Thetys and Dione

01.03.2009: activity in core-region of comet Lulin C/2007 N3

from ATM to PTM (precision telescope making): our 20'' RC telescope:
telescope control hardware and software by © Dr. Manfred Stoll

News from observatory-style ATM in Austria (in german)

PDF Reader file part 5: electronics of telescope drive and control software (in german)
PDF Reader file self made observer-dome control (in german)

Update at 06. Jan. 2009

16. aug. 2008: partial moon eclipse
A composit of 8 single images merged by HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging.

10. may 2008: eclipse of Mars in the afternoon
Exit of Mars from the bright moon limb at about 2:19 PM CEST observed through the 50cm RC telescope

from 01. nov. 2007 to 09. feb. 2008: comet 17P Holmes
The extreme signal to noise ratio of our CCD-Camera2 and the 20'' RC-telescope makes visible the core region activity. Look our nice landscape-views of this bright comet too.

29. dec. 2007: comet Tuttle 8P
Look the difference of core region activity to comet Holmes.

01. nov. 2007: unknown minor-object near comet Holmes
A slow moving object with 19mag was found moving away from the core region.

the Opposition of Mars 2007
Images taken from Michael Grünanger and Andreas Kreutzer with the old 12" Alvan-Clark refraktor telescope at vienna university

2007 and 2008: the ISS and other satellites observed with our 20'' RC-telescope
Now we are able to guide satellites with well known two line elements (TLE). With selfmade guiding-software we can view the International Space Station ISS in our big telescope even at daylight.

Our observing method is described here (in German only) with several links to other satellite observers.

21. apr. 2007: minor planet 17 (Thetis) eclipses star TYC 1407-00130-1 for 7 seconds
The video filmed with a Watec 120N shows the eclipse of the star by the minor planet Thetis in real time.

13. jan. 2007: comet C/2006 P1 McNaught
The comet was imaged at the last observable date in the northern hemisphere at Jan. 13th 2007

Saturn and Mars observed in Vienna
Images taken from Michael Grünanger with the old 12" Alvan-Clark refraktor telescope at vienna university

P.S. 29. jul. 2006: Total Solar Eclipse observed in Libya
Flying shadows in a movie by Andreas Mauritz

proper motion of several TV-satellites
Astra and Hotbird satellite-cluster movies. Several hours compressed in a view minutes.

a selfmade electronic viewfinder for DSLR-cameras
Our new viewfinder is very usefull even with deep-sky objects. It's easy to buildt and to use it. Description in german only, look the pictures and you know what we talk about.

Update at 11. Dec. 2006

jubilee of 20 years
In the year 1986 our observatory was build. To fit the occation wie proudly presents the movie from Herbert Csadek about setting up the observatory and our big selfmade telescope. Look the Movie (450MB) with a lenght of 70 minutes [a silent film with subtitels in german]

man-made Satellites
A new chapter in our Gallery

Galaxies and Galaxy-clusters
abell569, abell1656, m84, m85, m86, m87, m88, m91, m98, ngc925, ngc1023, ngc1721, ngc2672, ngc 2805, ngc2806, ngc2903, ngc3019, ngc3227, ngc4236, ngc4567, ngc4656

Image of Emission Nebula ngc 6960
taken with H-alpha filter

Sunset with light Beam

The Satellites of Uranus
taken with Canon Eos5D at 12"-Alvan-Clark refraktor in the observatory of Vienna University

Comet Swan C/2006 M4
observed in Harpoint, Vienna and Lower Austria.

observed 2005 in Harpoint.

Update at 10. Jul. 2006

13.May.2006 Fragments of Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 73P
Look also observer report (in German)

29.Mar.2006 Total Solar Eclipse in southern Turkey
Complex image-processing enables the visibility of whole Corona. A realtime video-sequence shows the change in sky-brightness and the movement of moon-shadow. Look at observer report (in German)

Update at 04. Aug. 2005

10.Jul.2005 and 05.Feb.2005: Supernovae
Supernova within ngc3690 and m51 as animated gif

Comet Machholz
04.Dec.2004 Look at jet structures in the core , Comet nearby Plejades at 08.Jan.2005

Images of galaxies
new image of ngc488, ngc524, ngc1300, ngc1451, ngc2903, ngc4216, ngc3690, ngc4438, ngc7606, m51, look especially to ngc524, a fine structured lens-type one face-on

Image of Galaxy-cluster Abell 154

Images of Emission Nebula taken with H-alpha filter
m78 (detail), Sh2-264 (lambda-orionis nebulae)

11.Dec.2004 and 22.Feb.2003: compare Light-Echo arround variable star V838 Mon

09.01.2005 02:20 new All-Sky Panoramic view in winter taken with H-alpha filter

08.01.2005 18:54 Milkyway from Cygnus to Orion taken with 16mm Fisheye-optics and H-Alpha filter

All-Sky Spherical Panorama available as Quicktime-VR now
because of problems with MS Internetexplorer. You need Apple Quicktime-Player with Browser-Plugin (freeware)

Spherical Panorama Overviews at Observatory Gallery
look-around at all

new Video CCD-Cameras
Mintron und Watec

Some news in our ATM-page
in german only

Update at 07. July 2004

08. June 2004 Venustransit in Vienna

20. May 2004 Comet Neat (C2001 Q4)
Look at jet structures in the core

30. Oct. 2003 Aurora visible in Harpoint

Images of well known Emission Nebula taken with H-alpha filter
Indeed in black/white only, our Images shows finest Globules, maybe the birth-place of young stars. You may compare some of our Images with the best images of Emission Nebula available in the web. Look at finest details. ngc7380, ldn886, ic1396, ic5146, ic1805, ngc6888, ngc6820

Images of Galaxies
New deep images of m90, m64,m33 with H-alpha filter

Image of M57 taken with H-alpha filter
From the very faint extended halo only a few Photons per minute reach the surface of our CCD

31. May 2003: Solar eclipse
Sunrise of the eclipsed sun, animated image-sequence, landscape-panorama with eclipsed sun

03. May 2003: Image of M3
Globular Cluster with background Galaxies

Transneptunobject follow up observation
Without astrometric evaluation

new landscape panorama xlarge from "Heissinghöhe"
Look at the nice holiday region of "Mondseer Land" in the foreground and the mountains of "Salzburger Land" and "Berchtesgadener Land" in the background. Take your geografic orientation with the numbers at bottom of the image.

Update at 21. May 2003

new deep-sky images of Galaxies und Galaxy-clusters
New design of our gallerypages, new partly extemly-deep CCD-images of M51, M63, M81, M82, M94, M106, M109, NGC2403, NGC3190, NGC3198, NGC3521, NGC3628, NGC3718, NGC3750, NGC4559, NGC4565, NGC4725, abell1367

Comet c2002y1 (Juels-Holvocem)

new animated All-Sky image
You can find Barnards Loop, Lamda Orionis nebula, Rosetta nebula, California nebula, M31, M33 and others within our CCD-image, taken with fish-eye lens. Red R60-filter was used.

Short description of instrumentation

Little tools, Deep-Sky lists and our PDF-files (in german)

Update at 16. Jan. 2003

11. Jan. 2003 Minorplanets found with blinking comperator (in german)
Unknown minorplanets found in images on 1/2. dec. 2002

02. Dec. 2002: Images of NGC2623, NGC2749, NGC876 and Abell397

05. Sep. 2002: Images of M74, NGC672, NGC6962, NGC7184, NGC7332, NGC7550 and Abell2666

Six minorplanets found in image of M74 (in german)

from ATM to PTM (precision telescope making): our 20'' RC telescope:
the ''Austrian Precision Telescope Mount'' by © Ing. Rudolf Pressberger
PDF Reader file part 4: the mechanical parts of telescope drive (in german) images


Update at 27. Oct. 2002

06. Sep. 2002: Image of NGC253

06. Sep. 2002: Image of M15

Comet Ikeya-Zhang: New processed false color image

2 animated All-Sky images , a real open-air Planetarium

new indoor view of observation dome

from ATM to PTM (precision telescope making): our 20'' RC telescope:
the ''Austrian Precision Telescope Mount'' by © Ing. Rudolf Pressberger

PDF Reader file part 1: technical features (in german)
PDF Reader file part 2: making the optical tube (in german) images
PDF Reader filepart 3: making the fork mount (in german) images

Update at 23. Aug. 2002

18. Aug. 2002: Video of the Near Earth Asteroid "2002 NY40"

31. July 2002: Image of the edge on galaxy NGC5907

05. July 2002: Image of the galaxy group NGC5985/5982/5981, image of M101

Update at 04. July 2002

15. June 2002: The peculiar Tadpole Galaxy UGC10214
Compare with image from Hubble Space Telescope

15. June 2002: M57, M27
CCD-Images with Starlight Xpress MX7C-USB

PDF Reader file MX7C-USB: Great test report (in german)

Update at 14. April 2002

30. March 2002: Comet Ikeya-Zhang - extremly fast change in brightness at the core region
The conclusion is a high velocity in emanation of material of about 110km/sec from the surface
read details in german

10. March 2002: Comet Ikeya-Zhang - ovservation at 50cm RC telescope
mosaic of 2 images 6 and 10min exposed respectively
read details in german